Pilot post

Hi to everyone who`s found this blog by chance and scroll it for interest. My full name is Mikhail Chinkov, I`m IT-student from Russia, you can count me as a beginner. My major IT-field is a system administration. At present it may be called as a operations engineering. Generally it doesn’t really matter. Especially I’d like to find out a clear answer on one question: how to build failover, secure and speedy information systems. But also I’m trying to keep my mind open for every common technology and methods that I see.

In this blog I`ll try to explain some questions about actual areas in contemporary IT sphere. Here I mean operating systems, client and server software, configuration management tools, networking instruments and so on, so forth. Basically it’s awfully nonsensial to restrict any blog into some particular fields. This is not a blog about my life and my thougths about life. I think that social networks is a much more suitable space for this subject. This blog is just a bundle of notes about my private experience in work.

Every kind of human enterprise has to carry on any meaningful purpose. Generally I have 3 purposes to lead this blog.

1. Help anybody in IT-community


By means of Internet I solved my issues a lot of times. And once upon time one mind has been crossed in my head. I`ve got some acknowledges, forced with some issues. Why should I stay an ungrateful consumer? That`s why I want to write my own blog.

By philosophy, Internet is a warehouse of human enterprise. Written by keyboard, taken by camera, talked by microphone. And be a stocker of this warehouse, produce new branch of information is pretty marvellous feeling. I know, the biggest problem of modern society is excess of information. But I think that helpful information will be worth everywhere and everytime.

If someone will solve his goal or issue after reading my blog post, I`ll be glad to do it without any feedback.

2. Save personal experience


At the moment of pilot post publishing, I just went over few months of IT work. I`ve caught to try some tools and methods, taste benefits and shortcomings of this. And I’m afraid to forget it all later. Sometimes we encounter with one nastyfact: we have to come back to things that we solved few months/few years ago. We understand we made it before, but we forgot how to do it. It`s not a big deal to look back, but it takes a time and nerves – the most important human resources in 21th century.

Posts on this blog isn`t a copy-paste from “Stack Overflow” or any source else. Here`s what I got by myself or by method “poke over there and let’s happen whatever would happen” (sad, but true). Also it doesn’t pretend to be a magic book ought to explain all your questions and solve all your problems. Anyway I can’t embrace the whole subject I`ve taken to write and test solution in every operating system and every software version. But if you have any questions about your problem, you’re welcome in comments under this post or in contacts in the special topic.

3. Improve English


That’s important goal too. I can keep my thoughts in Russian. If I would do it, I wouldn`t need to set my own web-site, just keep it in this perfect resource. But the main language of society is English. If you’re from Russian-speaking countries, anyway you can understand what I mean at my posts. Lead this blog in my native language doesn’t make any sense, because it would be inaccessible for the majority of global network.

That’s fine if you read documentation in English and understand what you read. But ideas explanation by the same language, understanding for readers is more important and also more complicated skill. I lived abroad few months by myself and I know what it means. Also I hope that you’ll find in my posts some grammar and syntax mistakes and let me know.

What’s next?

I`ll try to refresh this blog after new staff I’ve learned as soon as possible. Declare exact date of refreshment is meaningless as a subjects restriction. If you want to get touch with me and know something else about my person – here is my contacts.

2 thoughts on “Pilot post

  1. Good evening, Mikhail
    >>you can count me as a beginner.
    If you mean that we should think you are beginner, you have to use “think” instead of “count”.
    For example, “you can think me a begginer”.
    It would be better 🙂 Thank you!


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