How to set wireless Internet-connection with light bulb


Today we have a big tend to wireless technologies usage. Basically it means data exchange without any wire communication. There are 3 basic technologies allow us to do it. It’s 3G  and 4G for mobile access and Wi-Fi for shared wireless networks. Wireless communication field grows up pretty fast. But it still has some issues that can’t be solved permanently. Li-Fi networks chould become a solver of this issues. This kind of wireless networks based on data transmission through optical spectrum.

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Windows + Linux: how to fix the dual boot problem


Even you hate Windows operating system and Microsoft company in particular. But sometimes you have to use software based only on Windows.  The first reason – special software subject. Of course, we all know about Wine, but it doesn`t work always. And it shouldn’t work always, because Windows, Linux and OS X system conceptions is too different. The second reason – usage necessity in work for accordance to corporate policy. There could be LDAP question or a strange desire of your employer. In short, there are many reasons to setup Windows and use it for a while. The best way will be dual boot installation.

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