Cheatsheet: Linux shell

Linux terminal includes myriad of opportunities by default. But sometimes we can’t figure out how to execute any operation easier. From scratch we tried to parse enourmous logs by eyes or use graphical instruments when it’s not necessary. Another problem – we’re forgetting how to type any helpful command we need. Thus there is one way to scroll Google and read the same forum branch we did before. So, it would be better to have a petty prompt with command syntax we really need. It’s useful as on the tab of your document application as well as pinned to the wall in your room.

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5 helpful plugins for VMware vSphere


VMware vSphere is the the most popular kind virtualization software. It based on full virtualization. All virtual machines are controlled by shared operating system (ESXi). Now virtualization is one of the most perspective IT fields. Community has been realised that virtual servers is a great tool for resources economy. Today we don’t really need to place on server only one system, when there could be a place for dozens. Virtualization can save not only financial part of IT-business, but ecological environment too.

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How to connect HP printer to Linux


In some experiences of Linux customization printing is a sore point. Frankly, I still can’t figure out about Canon printers, where is no one official Linux driver. Here I want to share my experience about what to do with HP printers. In my example I used HP Laserjet 1020 and Fedora 23. So, I used DNF for some packages installation. You’re in your own at this case.

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Pimp your GNOME! How to upgrade desktop environment


Compared any Linux-distro with Windows or OS X, it was counted that Linux is worse by desktop part. End-users said Linux DE`s can’t provide opportunity to make your desktop interesting and beautiful. DE is an acronym of “Desktop Environment” term. Of course, that’s not true. Now almost any Linux environment seems like a huge canvas where you can design a desktop of your dreams. You can make your own environment – just pick some applets you paid attention. Or play a developer role – create new applications for DE improvement.

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