5 useful Linux shell applications you may have never seen


Few weeks ago I’ve posted Linux command line utilities list trying to make shell jobs faster. But also there is a vast choice of entertainment applications. Their purposes have a little bit different context. They can replace enormous GUI programs or simply save you from web-browser usage. What could be better to get all features staying on the shell?

1. cmus


The point: shell audioplayer allowing to play different kinds of audio file formats. No more VLC and Audacious!

Alternative to: sox, mplayer, pyradio.

Github project: cmus/cmus

2. facy


The point: Facebook command-line client. Based on Ruby. Now you can frighten your friends just showing up the screen of your conversation.

Alternative to: fbcmd

Github project: huydx/facy

3. ironmap


The point: nodejs-based application, shows up map location of pointed IP-addresses. In childhood you could see similar tool in hackers films. In 2016 it’s a reality for everyone.

Alternative to: geoip

Github project: nogizhopaboroda/iponmap

4. youtube-dl


The point: powerful application for Youtube videos manipulation. Could search in playlist, get videos by regexp patterns and thumbnails as well.

Alternative to: plenty of web-browser extensions and web-applications.

Github project: rg3/youtube-dl

5. wego


The point: terminal weather client, based on Go. Provides powerful ASCII-coloured graphic for descriptive forecast imagination.

Alternative to:ansiweather and miscellaneous GUI and web applets.

Github project: wego.

Bonus. My bash script described at the previous Linux shell post. Allows to install all imagined apps simultaneously.

Hope you’ve got the main idea of bash applications. Sometimes we may perform all trivial operations through the command line. Checking a forecast, scrolling on Facebook, whatever. Soak up this idea and elaborate new subjects which could be embraced by Linux shell. And, yes, there is a lot of more helpful apps for all walks of life. I just want to point out that we can make your system lighter without quality loss.

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