India: 10 thoughts

I promised that I won’t make any post at this blog about my life leaving this source for IT experience. But now I see this rule as a limit. If you set the limits – you’ll never be free. So, try to do what’s curious for you all the time. That’s why I’ve got this post.

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Infrastructure from scratch. Part 3. Monitoring


Keep going with infrastructure improvement, I stayed some time on monitoring issue. Generally monitoring is inseparable component of DevOps workflow. It allows to clearly control each subject of maintained service.

Monitoring work is interesting as well as complicated. This field, like database, doesn’t have ready solutions for any kind of project. For each situation you have to figure out what metrics are special and what graphs you must check at first.

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Cheatsheet: vi/vim

I just started to learn how to boost my productivity skill making some tasks faster and faster not by quality reduction, but by routine reduction.

It’s thought that I don’t know any text editor as a usual developer should know. I’ve got a choice between emacs, Sublime Text and vim. I can’t describe why, but I tried vim. May be because of enhanced command choice and full keyboard use.

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