10 Things: Bachelor education

A couple of weeks ago I was celebrated a university graduation. Well, what does the “celebrated” mean? I just picked my diploma and went back to work. But nevermind.

Now I’m a bachelor in IT technologies field and want to share my experience at this post. Hope it’s going to be read by my friends who’re in the subject and folks who never cared about education in Russia. If you don’t mind, I’ll combine the “university” and “college” terms that will mean the same subject although it’s not a Russian education case.

1. Freedom

Comparing to the school time, university (OK, my university) allows to flexibly manage your time taking the most favourable one to study. In my situation there was almost no attendance control. Lecturers mostly focus on the result: your labs, checkpoints, courseworks, exams. Even if you failed somewhere, you can make up your debts without being afraid of deduction.

It think it was the best thing in the college at all. I could mix the study with work, self-development, health care and even go to the US for 5 months! Thanks for that, at least I wasn’t restricted at time.

2. Quality

The education quality subject is always debating, whatever country you discuss. Russian IT-industry complains about qualification of students. In most cases when graduate starts to work, the company takes a huge amount of time to teach him again. It teaches that your code must(!!!) be supportable. Teaches a team work, because the student workflow is isolated from anyone. Teaches technologies the man haven’t seen at the last 4-6 years in college.

From one side, that’s true. But if we ask the questions like “What should the students learn?”, we won’t have a clear answer. The trends of industry are being changed constantly. 4 years “Baccalaureate” program anyway becomes “out of date” artifact. So, what about fundamental classes? To help students to build a critical thinking, sober view on walks of life. And, at least, computer science fundamentals. We use C language for almost half of age, while things like development workflows (what’s up, Waterfall!) and old generation Javascript frameworks is no longer necessary for business.
So, I’d like to say that we haven’t created the silver bullet for IT education yet.

3. Goal

One more thing that seems to be weird is a education department goal. For now, I can’t figure out what exactly the high education gives and what do the executives desire.

Quick and painless business integration? Doesn’t look like this, the system is still deaf in industry requirements. Make students smart? Maybe, but then goal is failed. We still see a plenty of uneducated humans who’re incompetent at any trade. Scientific researches? Could be. But the science of students is mostly fiction. State reforms reduce the science institution efficiency (experts estimations, not mine).

4. Support

One more benefit is a budget educational programs. I studied all 4 years for free and even got paid a little bit. There is a grant program where all budget students get paid for good or excellent marks. Also there may be government or president grants if students has special successions.

I tried to figure out what impact this program brings except encouraging. That’s fine if we talk about serious researches and projects. But I still don’t see any sense granting students only for exams marks.

Also I have a lot of discounts for my student status at museums, education trainings and so on. Here is no more comments, it was a great support 🙂

5. Job

Thanks again to my university for my first job. Being inexperienced even-not-junior, I asked the IT department to hire me. Although I didn’t get paid few first months, I was lucky to practice in real-time IT systems. This was the first time I tried the virtualization, Linux and some of the admin tools. Also I work for a state institution and realized that I don’t want to be at the state organization anymore 🙂

So, if you get a chance to go this way – please, go, you won’t be disappointed.

6. Community

What still makes me angry is a student community issue. I think there is no solid student community in Russia at all. When I talk about community, I mean the group of people which cares about the life in country. They feel current problems keenly. They openly talk about them. They offer suggestions and just show up their opinion in protests. Instead of this we have a half of comics half of pioneers crowd which doesn’t care about real problems. Although the student life pleasantly allows doing this. I’ve seen some improvements at this field being in last protests, but this issue takes a long time to be solved.

Also I haven’t experienced the funny moments I’ve seen at american comedies. That’s a pitty too.

7. Business

As mentioned above, high education doesn’t keep up with IT industry requirements. I think, it doesn’t mean only IT. There is a little of opportunities to get a job or training with college help. The most of computer science graduates become sales managers, clerks and other stuff unrelated with computer science.

But, I think, it matters every part on the world. Once upon time, I noticed the survey in Twitter where 75% percent answered that they’re more self-educated software engineers than college-educated. Is it OK or not? For me – OK, cause only me knows what to learn and what know to reach my goal.

8. Pseudo-science

Some students write science papers for any subject. In theory, initial goal try – to explain the new ideas and bring something new to the world. In practice, I did a couple of them, read the other papers too and say that this is mostly a pseudo-science.

Humans generate articles with a speed of the light. How? Copy-pasting from Google instead of make the fresh personal thoughts. Finally, they even didn’t get the subject, but ready to publish the article at some random journal. What is the goal of this? Accumulate the portfolio proceeding to the master degree, helping the teacher to get a bonus. But it’s not a science at all.

I don’t want to say that all science projects are crappy. I wish to explain the problem that definitely exists and everybody knows it.

9. Sochi

One week before graduation paper defence, I visited a Sochi. I was a member of student competition “IT-Planet”. I was at a final of “Open source thesis” nomination. I lost there, but I’m happy to get this experience and say thanks again for this opportunity.


10. Endurance

A lot of my co-ages talk about educational process in college like a full waste of time. They say they learn what shouldn’t be learned and do what is necessary to be done. I have a different point of view. Labs and checkpoints look like a coins on the way you have to earn by all means for success. Here success means to get a high education paper. So, you have to be patient to quickly gains these coins gradually doing your work.

This principle teached me to get done with the work you don’t want to do and get it done quickly. There is a cool lifehack, isn’t it?


I don’t want to hurt the pride of anyone. I just explain what student feels doing high education. Hope I’ve made myself clean.

P.S.: Don’t get bored, the next couple of posts will be tech-oriented. More beef, more passions!


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