10 thoughts: Eastern Europe

For now I don’t have anything special in my engineering path to share with IT community. One way I would suggest you, my dear reader (if you really exist) – relax and take my thoughts about travelling.

I figured out that travelling is the best thing I could do in my life. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone, discovering the different sides of the world. Such enormous world. I would keep going, but that doesn’t make sense. Our general life is the travel also, that’s the thing we all forgot. Actually you don’t have to go somewhere to soak up the happiness, you can stay happy right here and right now. You can discover a lot right here and right now. But that’s a different story for sure.

What about my last trip? It was awesome! I got cheap flight tickets for both directions and carelessly surfed from point A to point B. Here is how it looked like.

Screenshot 2017-10-08 11.33.11

In general, I went through 5 countries and dived into dozens of stories. This out-of-duties time helped me open my eyes widely. There was something I didn’t know or mention before. Here they are.

Russian language (and how cool it is)

In Bulgaria/Macedonia/Serbia I explored different implementations of cyrillic script. These moments showed me up how Russian is awesome. At home I tried to escape the Russian as much as possible, because I thought it’s too much for my life. I’ve set up English interface on my phone and laptop, tried to read only articles in English. This blog might seek this approach too. But for now I think it is unreasonable.

For me English is about information exchange and communications. Russian is about eloquence, mindset descriptions and just a beauty. I’m proud to have an opportunity to read the Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and dozens of more geniuses in original. I’m proud to have a rich and versatile language as my native one.


One more time I proved that Couchsurfing is awesome. I found a lot of interesting people with distinguished mindset. I used to stay with them, go somewhere and soak up the life of locals.

Also I found out one more good opportunity for hangouts. I haven’t tried it before in Couchsurfing, but it was higher than all my expectations. In Budapest I used to gather with 20 fellows one day, then gather with 20 the next day and they were another one! Don’t know, maybe I lack some communications in my usual life, but that was a-ma-zing IMHO.

Although in Europe you should try much harder to find a host than in Russia and India.

Coffee and cigarettes

Balkan folks are really crazy about it. I’ve seen the coffee machines in every corner even at crowd-free places. And people used them a lot! Still can’t get about how can the man drink a coffee multiple times per day.

Also I breathed by tobacco smoke everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE :). Even in places when no one would even think about smoking (mountains, lake boats) people smoke. It looks weird, because in South climate you barely feel the air even without smoke. After the week in Balkans I understand why smoking in public places should be prohibited. Thanks to my neighbourhood.

Tourism comparison

Being a tourist in different parts of the world I can compare with the situation in my country. And…it’s terrible!

Even countries which don’t really care about tourists attraction have a lot of people coming. It proportions the rate is much more than tourist stream to Russia. And it’s all about visa rules. A lot of people told me that they wish to visit Russia somehow, but they don’t care for now because of visa. Because you have to pay a lot for it and have to force with local bureaucracy. Because you also may get stuck with lack of English on landmarks and speaking.

We have a lot to show, but we have a lack of understanding about how to show.


This trip was actually my first serious taste of nature. I guess how stupid I was surfed through the messy urban places before. Nature places is much harder to reach but only one look will worth everything you did.

The most magnificent impressions? Well, they were after Seven Rila Lakes in Sofia and Matka Canyon in Skopje. I took an hour for kayaking in Matka, listening music on my phone. Pretty simple, but this moment was one of the best in my life.



Also this trip changed my mind so much! Thanks to the opportunity to go out by yourself and start thinking about the matter of life and your own living.

I started to think how cool to continuously learn. To get new hobbies and knowledges undiscoverable before. Probably, I could write a lot of text about impressions and mindset mutation. But I think everybody should try it without words.

Hitchhiking (still unknown)

I thought a lot about hitchhiking experience I never tried in my life. It’s thought that hitchhiking is about priceless moments, communications and, surely, money saving. But I still haven’t tried it in my trip.

Why? Probably still unbeaten fears. Fears that you might get stuck somewhere with no way to go. Fears about time: it’s terrible to restrict yourself by the time when travelling. You’ll always be afraid that you can miss something important, lose the destinations and so on.

I was thought about what are we pay for buying a bus/train ticket? I think the time assurance is a most important product, not a seat. We guarantee that we’ll fix the time of arriving/meeting/discovering. One day I must say “Screw it all!” and give my time some freedom.


From architectural point of view Budapest is one of the most marvellous place I’ve ever been. This city is so rich for pleasant streets, awesome buildings and stories. I haven’t seen before such a sharp contrast between two parts of the city – Buda and Pest. This place is full of life, entertainments and commun. It’s thought that hitchhiking is about priceless moments, communications and, surely, money saving. icates between the people. The metro is out of usual imaginations. Sometimes you’re feeling like in 19th century when going down to the underground.


Although there are some crappy moments. Homeless people on the street and stations, gypsies, open cocaine offers in the darkness and so on. So, anybody looks at this town differently.


Get the right shoes for rains when travelling! Have a good umbrella! Don’t be like me!

Well, sometimes you have to make mistakes by yourself to get the idea that something is wrong. After couple of rainy days in Budapest my summer sneakers were wet like my eyes after Titanic! Probably, that’s one of the most inconvenient things.

What else to say? Oh yeah: check the weather before going somewhere!


This is the one more word I learned in this trip. Actually Erasmus is popular for Europeans. This opportunity looks so awesome! You can go to different country to explore the environment, meet new people and have a lot of fun!

I started to think how my life looked like if I’d have just a bit of real student life. And what’s better. To spend your university period for a big fun you’ll never get after? Or improve yourself preparing for hard work? Probably, the best option always seems the one we never did.

P.S.Hope I’ll have more reasons to generate such posts.



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