Top 10 favourite TED talks

TED is great. It helps you remember that your job and subject is just a little piece of the whole world. It helps to look back into your life, analyze what wasn’t exactly right and learn it for the future. It helps you to generate ideas on your own.

Now I have 25 talks saved in my bookmarks. But, heck, who will read about all of them? Let just pick the best of the best and see how it helps. I’ve also actually thought about leaving description for each one of them at this post. But I came to the feeling that it doesn’t make sense at all. They’re all informative and helpful, there is nothing more to explain!

The first one is actually changed my life and now I’m doing my own “One Second Every Day” for 3 years. It helps me stop and see what’s wrong in my present life and how to change this. And, of course, remember all important life moments without looking in your life through the camera and shooting dozens of terrible photos.

Hope someone will also pick up something new from these talks if never watched any.

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