Yet another expat confession

At the time when this post will be published, probably I’ll be on the way to Berlin. This is my next stage of life. Stage which is full of questions and attempts to answer on them.

Nope, this post is not about how to be a nice expat or what do you need to move to the Germany. Why do you have to move out now or why Berlin is cute, cozy and sweet. The internet is full of such guides and experiences. This post is about my life.

Lots of people I personally know (although there aren’t many) asking me why exactly do you want to move out. I tried to explain that as much as I could. It actually worked out, but every time I’ve got a headache as an aftermath. So, here is the full list of reasons for everyone interested. Don’t pay close attention on the fact that the reasons in 2 lists are mostly the same. That’s pretty straightforward: you see the problem first and then you try to resolve exactly this problem.

Why do I want to move out of Penza/Russia

  1. Low salaries in comparison
  2. Low level of living – not about how much you have but what you see
  3. Poor quality of groceries
  4. Crappy infrastructure. Here are the things that you’ll never buy: plain roads, clean streets, high quality healthcare and state service
  5. Personal stagnation and fall into the comfort zone
  6. Awful weather: what are you going to do below -15 by Celcius
  7. Trip-unfriendly. Visa process, pricing difference and terribly long distances just kill your desire to go out anywhere
  8. Bike-unfriendly.
  9. Half-illegal status up to the 27 years – hello, military service
  10. Political disagreement
  11. Constant health problems because of climate/groceries/medicine
  12. Problems with socialization. After 22 years of living in Penza, I still can’t call myself local
  13. Terrible attitude of people to each other
  14. Passion to try something new in life (YOLO, why not?)
  15. Lots of “questions” about retirement
  16. Psychological crisis which you have to solve somehow

Why do I want to move in Berlin/Germany

  1. Even without residence I’ll become a fully legal citizen
  2. Another level of salary
  3. Easy migration process with Blue Card
  4. Residence after 2 years if you want to
  5. New experience and new challenges in life
  6. Interesting technical tasks, career growth. Opportunity to try DevOps practices in big company and other cool challenges.
  7. The weather is not perfect but comfortable enough.
  8. High quality accessible medicine
  9. High level of living: transport, groceries and so on
  10. Personal security
  11. Berlin is just the best town for 20-smth IMHO
  12. Great motivation to learn German
  13. Bike-friendly – it’s even faster there than transport!
  14. Trip-friendly – the center of Europe with lots of destinations in a couple of hours ride/fly
  15. 6 weeks of vacation – do whatever you want, haha
  16. The mindset and lifestyle of locals is just closer to me
  17. International community, huge expansion of personal cultural horizons
  18. Concerts! Football! Parks! Open airs!
  19. No matter what you wear – matters what you think and say
  20. Fighting with a personal crisis by starting everything afresh and building the new circle of communications
  21. Green town, the air is fresh enough
  22. Vegeterian-friendly
  23. Very interesting startup scene

What I’ll (probably) miss in my homeland

  1. Family
  2. Cottage cheese, kvas, ivan-chai and buckwheat
  3. Cheap and fast Internet and mobile calls
  4. Banya
  5. Taxi rides for 2-3$
  6. Easy access to medicine that you need
  7. High interest rate on deposits and cashback

I’m not going to “burn the bridge” between me and my roots. Let’s just see what will happen in my life after this step.

P.S.: Everyone reading this is welcome to come to the Berlin. If interested, just let me know and we’ll figure out how to make your time in this city marvellous 🙂

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