10 thoughts: Baltic trip

At the beginning of April I got a chance to do what I like the most – travel. I was interested to explore Baltic coast, my home country neighbors. Here are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Also I  desired to visit Kaliningrad, the place between two different histories. It was challenging because of different cultures, proximity, European architecture, cheap pricing. And just for interest. You know, you might go to more popular destinations at any time in your life. But such journeys are reasonable only in youth.

So, here is my trip map and now I’m going to note 10 distinct impressions I was felt.


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India: 10 thoughts

I promised I won’t make any post at this blog about my life leaving this source for IT experience. But, evolving, I’ve thought it through and eventually marked this rule as a limit. If you set the limits – you’ll never be free. So, try to do what’s curious for you all the time. That’s why I’ve got this post.

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