25 web-sources for Operations Engineering


Information in the world of information! Text data in the world of data! Such subjects – the best friends for us and the best enemies at the same time. I recently surprised I hold so many articles and Linux guides about tools I still don’t use. Data juggling is going to be one of the most important qualities of contemporary human. Even more handy than stubbornness and work speed.

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Infrastructure from scratch. Part 0: Challenge

I tried to write my posts saving a little distance between my life and technologies I’m learning. But my job road was changed. Now I have to describe my thoughts as from technical viewpoint, as sure as from social too.

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Pilot post

Hi to everyone who`s found this blog by chance and scroll it for interest. My full name is Mikhail Chinkov, I`m IT-student from Russia, you can count me as a beginner. My major IT-field is a system administration. At present it may be called as a operations engineering. Generally it doesn’t really matter. Especially I’d like to find out a clear answer on one question: how to build failover, secure and speedy information systems. But also I’m trying to keep my mind open for every common technology and methods that I see.

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