Infrastructure from scratch. Part 5. Backup.


I`d compare backups with meditation on human body. You don’t actually see the benefits, but in long term backups keep you healthy. Because they verify your infrastructure have reserve sources. Meditation helps to overcome the hardest moments of your life throwing out dirty thoughts. The clear backup similarly helps engineer to go through some kind of disasters. Even disasters we couldn’t guess before it was happened.

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Watch AWS resources logs in Kibana

It’s easy to manage Amazon solutions which don’t require any special operations skill. Set load balancer, speed up content delivery with Cloudfront, store enormous amounts of data in S3 in 2 clicks. But what if we wish to get into the bottom about idea how do they all work? Do they work right in our case?

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Infrastructure from scratch. Part 2: AWS

Going on with my “operations revelations”, I’d like to describe my cloud experience. Project where I’m working now has all services and hardware on the Amazon cloud. It would be strange if it wouldn’t, because there is a definitely big trend to host applications in AWS.

I’ve never seen and thought how Amazon work. So, there must be some fun for me.

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Infrastructure from scratch. Part 0: Challenge

I tried to write my posts saving a little distance between my life and technologies I’m learning. But my job road was changed. Now I have to describe my thoughts as from technical viewpoint, as sure as from social too.

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DevOps tools: Packer


Packer is a pretty comfortable tool for environment construction. The main purpose of Packer could be splitted onto few steps. At first – build clean guest machine from OS image with system tweaks, required for development. Later – add provisioning scripts and collect everything to the full image that could be launched in any moment. If you set build parameters properly, process is automated and doesn’t need your participance. Other feature of Packer is ability to build images for plenty of VM platforms. And, surely, Vagrant compatability. Also Packer is cross platforming. You can build images in any system – Linux, Windows or Mac OS X.

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