How to deploy HTTPS in Wowza Streaming Engine


HTTPS means HTTP implementation over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This protocol is able to encrypt HTTP streaming traffic such as HLS, HDS, and Smooth. I explained HTTPS deployment in webserver at my post, but media streaming field is a little bit different for this goal.

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Cheatsheet: Linux system variables

Many people think that the problem of application performance, security and networking lies in supported services. Like Nginx is proxying too slow or remote DBMS cannot see my network. Frequently the problem in OS. Default values of system settings can restrict our environment to make the service jobs quick and simple. The best way to change your system configuration – change the system variables.

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Cheatsheet: iptables

iptables is Linux firewall standard. You can easily open and close network connections through it. Actually it’s pretty easy, but sometimes we can’t remember any flags and commands to create firewall rules. Here is a cheatsheet table constituted by all necessary iptables rules for novices. I’ll try to update it once in a while.

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10 Books for Operations Engineer


Professional literature – one of the most important parts in engineer education. Junior Ops (as a developer too) feels lack of knowledge and experience which needs to be removed. Every found useful book improves your subject insight and professional mindset at all. It’s worth to get out from rest and spend a couple of hours to get to the subject bottom.

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How to set wireless Internet-connection with light bulb


Today we have a big tend to wireless technologies usage. Basically it means data exchange without any wire communication. There are 3 basic technologies allow us to do it. It’s 3G  and 4G for mobile access and Wi-Fi for shared wireless networks. Wireless communication field grows up pretty fast. But it still has some issues that can’t be solved permanently. Li-Fi networks chould become a solver of this issues. This kind of wireless networks based on data transmission through optical spectrum.

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