Infrastructure from scratch. Part 7. Security


The word we say almost everything and everywhere. The question we have to double check when implementing new feature. It’s a kind of work allows to sleep calmly. Yes, this is security.

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How to setup Dropbox on Linux server


This post keeps tutorial character. The goal – explain easy way to sync data between Linux and remote location. With further opportunity to reach them from every point of world.

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Deal with NVIDIA drivers on Fedora

Sometimes NVIDIA users faced with driver problem trying to successfully setup Linux on workstations. Linux kernel includes open source driver, but sometimes it isn’t fully eligible for videocards. The old ones in particular. Some days ago I felt the same thing trying to step up to Fedora 24 & 4.6 kernel. I guess it could happen with any rpm-based distro like CentOS, ROSA etc..

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Cheatsheet: Linux system variables

Many people think that the problem of application performance, security and networking lies in supported services. Like Nginx is proxying too slow or remote DBMS cannot see my network. Frequently the problem in OS. Default values of system settings can restrict our environment to make the service jobs quick and simple. The best way to change your system configuration – change the system variables.

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