Top 10 favourite TED talks

TED is great. It helps you remember that your job and subject is just a little piece of the whole world. It helps to look back into your life, analyze what wasn’t exactly right and learn it for the future. It helps you to generate ideas on your own.

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21 things I’ve done in 2017

Disclaimer: this post is not about personal praise, arrogance and chattery. It’s just a checklist of strikethrough items in my life. Remember, this is my personal blog and I want to write about my life.

There is a popular tradition to summarize things done during the outgoing year. I’m personally doing this second year in a row. You might ask what’s the matter of this?

Well, for me it’s a great opportunity to realize how far did I push my life in the fixed time range. This way is great to measure your progress and set the appropriate goals for the future.

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Devopsdays Moscow: 6 мыслей


Это мой первый русскоязычный пост в блоге. Почему не на английском?

а) ценность данного поста на английском языке будет невысокой

б) очень хотелось бы сделать обобщение мероприятия для тех, кто на него не попал (нет, на Хабре его не будет)

в) попробовать изложить свои мысли как есть, без попыток перенять новые лексические обороты и прочих штук из иностранного языка.

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Pilot post

Hi to everyone who`s found this blog by chance and scroll it for interest. My full name is Mikhail Chinkov, I`m IT-student from Russia, you can count me as a beginner. My major IT-field is a system administration. At present it may be called as a operations engineering. Generally it doesn’t really matter. Especially I’d like to find out a clear answer on one question: how to build failover, secure and speedy information systems. But also I’m trying to keep my mind open for every common technology and methods that I see.

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