Amazon EC2: components interaction


After first weeks with AWS you’re starting to understand what is the main Amazon service. And, of course, it’s Elastic Compute Cloud (shortly EC2). EC2 instances – virtual machines running on demand. It’s necessary to know how services connect to instances and interact with each other.

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5 helpful plugins for VMware vSphere


VMware vSphere is the the most popular kind virtualization software. It based on full virtualization. All virtual machines are controlled by shared operating system (ESXi). Now virtualization is one of the most perspective IT fields. Community has been realised that virtual servers is a great tool for resources economy. Today we don’t really need to place on server only one system, when there could be a place for dozens. Virtualization can save not only financial part of IT-business, but ecological environment too.

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DevOps tools: Vagrant


Vagrant is a trend among development tools at present. Here will be description of features and guide to quick start with Vagrant. The main idea of Vagrant in development space control through SSH with “root” rights. If you conduct any Linux distro, you don’t need to use a “sudo” to rewrite a file or execute a command.

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DevOps tools: Packer


Packer is a pretty comfortable tool for environment construction. The main purpose of Packer could be splitted onto few steps. At first – build clean guest machine from OS image with system tweaks, required for development. Later – add provisioning scripts and collect everything to the full image that could be launched in any moment. If you set build parameters properly, process is automated and doesn’t need your participance. Other feature of Packer is ability to build images for plenty of VM platforms. And, surely, Vagrant compatability. Also Packer is cross platforming. You can build images in any system – Linux, Windows or Mac OS X.

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